Guide through the Family Day of the 12th Festival of Science

The last day of the biggest scientific party in this part of Europe, Sunday, December 2, at the Science Festival will be a sign of family gathering with an exciting scientific program designed to engage older visitors, but also entertain many kids who make their first scientific steps.

In the Earth of the future, under whose slogan this year is the twelfth Science Festival, organizers invite parents to explore with their children the world of the future and engage in the most diverse scientific challenges that will surely leave them indifferent!

NATURE The youngest, but also those older visitors to the Science Festival, will be able to master the most diverse skills that will help them stay in nature. The Forest Animal Club got its corner at the festival, where the youngest curious people can get to know the inhabitants of the forests of our country. Older visitors will be interested in the ways in which our homes can become even greener with the help of the architecture of the future, while everyone will be able to check whether it is possible to run airplanes with little solar energy.

TECHNOLOGY Fans of virtual reality discoveries are all the possibilities of this technological step forward, from applying in psychological research to large-scale research of energy resources. More than amusement stores, devices through fun experiments will approach neurounacts to all ages, while festival Expert Experts, high school students and primary schoolmates from all over the country will present their inexpensive inventions in the field of robotics and electronics in a simple and comprehensible way.

GAME As old practice machines and several kitchen items can get a whole new life, visitors of the Science Festival can check at the large playground in Hall 3A that recycling gives it a whole new meaning. Unique dance time plan leads history lovers through the most diverse epochs alongside Cleopatra and Caesar, the Viking and the Knights. Those who want to play with their own sense of smell can embark on some very pleasant, but also unpleasant challenges. The limits of physical endurance the bravest will be able to examine, but also move, through challenging rowing challenges.

ENTERTAINMENT Scientific and fantastic stage this year, this place is reserved for the craziest scientific programs in the city, which during the Family Day gathers scientists from the USA, France, Estonia, Poland and Serbia. Whether it’s a question of circus deer that is defying the laws of science, a water adventure or hanging out with secret agents traveling to space, these scientific performances leave no indifferent or younger or older visitors.
Festival tickets, for a price of 500 dinars, can be purchased at Eventim outlets throughout Serbia, and during the duration of the event, in addition to the mentioned outlets, the tickets will be available at the Belgrade Fair itself.

The general sponsor of the Science Festival for the sixth consecutive year is NIS, a company that relies on modern technologies and innovations every day in all business segments. In this way, NIS and the Science Festival together contribute to the affirmation of science and education among young people in Serbia, which is one of the strategic goals of the company that realizes its socially responsible projects under the slogan “The future at work”.

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