Half of Girls Quit Sports By the End of Puberty: Always Encourages Girls Everywhere to Keep Playing


Always and Delhaize launch the new action in July 2019. By purchasing Always pads in Delhaize markets, P&G will donate women’s, teenage sports clubs in Serbia. First will be female basketballs teams- girls’ basketball teams Novosadska ŽKA and ŽKK Radivoj Korać. As Serbia is full of basketball fans, it’s time to be full of woman basketball players.

Basketball, as a women’s sport, is increasingly represented and propagated in society. Data from the Always Confidence & Puberty Survey, shows that by the end of puberty, half of the girls surveyed (51 percent) will have quit sports. Many studies have found that ongoing participation in sports is a high contributor to confidence in girls, at any level, and provides valuable skills to help them stay confident to do any and everything later in life. However, despite the known benefits, girls still report that they don’t feel like they belong in sports. Further, 67 percent of girls feel that society does not encourage them to play sports.

Dejana Cvjetan, coach of girl’s basketball club, Novosadska ŽKA has said: „From a trainers standpoint, confidence in sport is built within girls through enforcing responsibility, organizational skills, developing work habits, team spirit, accepting both victory and defeat. Girls that are into sports have highly developed sports and social intelligence. Having that in mind, through trainings and competitions they develop confidence that has a great motivational potential for further advancement in both sport and life in general.”

“Who is our biggest opponent? One that never quits… Confidence in the single most important trait a sportsman must embody. When you believe in yourself, everything else becomes a lesser of a deal, and if your faith holds ground, everything becomes reachable and possible.” said Nenad Markovic, new senior trainer at ŽKK Radivoj Korać, and this year’s cadet and junior champion and ex-selector for cadet selection.

As women athletes are increasingly motivating women and girls around the world, the women’s supporting brand- Always provides full support to girls and this time. Always launches a campaign of donating women’s sports clubs with the goal of encouraging girls to be strong, independent, healthy and active in sports. Always is inviting everybody to join in to rewrite the rules and keep girls in sports. Pledge that you’ll Keep Playing #LikeAGirl and encourage others to do the same. Also, when buying Always products from Delhaize stores in Serbia between July 1st and July 31th  2019 you will contribute to a total sponsorship donation of 991,200.00 dinars we will make to the girls’ basketball teams Novosadska ŽKA and ŽKK Radivoj Korać.

Join the action and we all support the development of women athletes in Serbia. 1 pack = 1 donation!

Key ‘Always Puberty & Confidence Wave IV’ Study Findings

  • By age 17, at the end of puberty, more than half of girls (51%) will have quit sports
  • 7 out of 10 girls who quit sports during puberty felt they did not belong in sports.
  • Only 1/3 of girls feel that society encourages girls to play sports.
  • Three of the top benefits of staying in sports girls reported are increased confidence (62%), teamwork (64%) and leadership skills (54%)

Survey Methodology

*The Always Confidence & Puberty Wave IV Study was conducted by MSLGROUP Research utilizing Research Now Panels that surveyed a total of 1,514 Americans. There was a nationally representative sample group of 1,006 females aged 16 to 24-year-old and 508 males aged 16 to 24. The survey was implemented between the dates of December 30, 2015, through January 7, 2016.



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