Healthy lunch for winter days

How to prepare fast, healthy lunch and how to keep your diet balanced in winter when there aren’t enough fresh ingredients, these are some of topics discussed at Maxi gathering held at supermarket Alonso.

The guests had a chance to learn more about importance of vegetables in regular diet, and why they are so well combined with rice from a healthy food expert from Delhaize company. Also, the guests got some delicious recipes.

“Vegetables are important mainly because of nutrients they contain, such as various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. By consuming various fresh vegetables in salads, smoothies or freshly squeezed juice, we intake vitamins and minerals in the healthiest form. Vegetables also contain significant amount of water, which means that we also hydrate our body through meals. And fibres they contain indirectly help digestion. It is best to consume fresh vegetables since seasonal vegetables always contain the most essential nutrients. However, we can prepare and eat cooked and grilled vegetables and prepare snacks such as aubergine and zucchini chips”, said Kristina Veljovic, healthy food expert from Delhaize company.

Vegetables are irreplaceable part of a healthy diet, and they are well combined with rice which contains 13 percent water, 7 percent proteins, 73 percent carbohydrates, and only 2.2 percent fat. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins and a source of eight basic amino acids. There isn’t any gluten in rice, and therefore it is highly recommended for persons allergic to gluten or those with digestion problems.

A famous chef Nenad Veljkovic presented what can be prepared with the new line Uncle Ben’s Express rice and fresh food from Maxi market. Risi-bisi, Mexican hot mixture and rice with vegetables show that there is no excuse for not preparing tasteful, balanced meal since it has never been so easy to prepare it.  Uncle Ben’s Express are precooked meals from long grain rice, ready in two minutes – in original packaging, no additional dishes required, and ideally combined with fresh vegetables.

“Except being nutritive rich ingredient, rice is a part of a daily diet of more than 3.5 billion people, which is almost half world population. And because of mass production, we should pay attention and take responsibility for how it is grown. About 40% of the world’s irrigation water is used for rice production, while sustainable rice production requires 30% less irrigation water and produces 50% less air pollutants. The world’s largest producer, Uncle Ben’s, believes that through sustainable farming, we create a better environment for farmers, customers and planet Earth. We are on track to become the first producer of 100% sustainably produced rice of all kinds by 2020, “says Vanja Vagić, Corporate Affairs Manager, Mars Multisales Baltics Balkan Adriatic.”


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