The Russian Princess HH Olga Romanoff, the grad niece of the last Russian Tzar Nikolai II, visited Belgrade on the occasion of the promotion of her autobiographical book “Princess Olga – Wild and Barefoot Romanov”, and during the visit Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić received the princess who is the granddaughter of Grand Duchess Xenia, sister of the Tzar Nikolai Romanov. She is also the president of the association “The Romanovs”. She laid the wrath on the monument of Tzar Nikolai II and visited the City Assembly.

Later she promoted her book in the “King Peter I House” at Senjak followed by a splendid “Russian Imperial Party”.

2 thoughts on “HH OLGA ROMANOFF in Belgrade

  1. HH Princess Olga Romanoff is the grand niece of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II. Her grandmother Grand Duchess Xenia was the sister of the tsar. You mixed it up a little in the presentation:-)

    Carina Deschamps
    Representative of HH Princess Olga

    1. Thanks, dear Carina!
      Actually it was a translation of another agency news in Serbian which was obviously wrong! I corrected it! 🙂

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