The first fifty customers who, via the Vip mobile online store, order the revolutionary HTC U11 smartphone and sign the contracts for 24 months are given UA HealthBox™, a networked fitness system that measures, monitors and manages the most important drivers of health and good physical fitness, such as sleep, physical exercises and activities and nutrition.

HTC U11 is the new HTC top model. This smartphone brings revolutionary new Edge Sense technology that allows you to activate applications and specific functions by simply pressing the edge of the device. In addition, the HTC U11 features a “liquid” design that gives the back side a stunning look. The HTC U11 also has an intelligent audio system USONIC, which comes with great headphones with a noise reduction system, as well as a pair of incredible cameras, which independent experts rated as the highest ever rated concerning the mobile phones. Additionally, this device, based on the latest version of Android, also has multiple virtual assistants. The HealthBoxTM UA system is based on devices designed and manufactured by HTC, which are easily linked to the Under Armor RecordTM application in order to provide a detailed insight into the condition of the body, on the basis of which users can improve their health and physical fitness. You can buy HTC U11 at a price of 40,800 dinars with the new Vip postpaid package NEO 10. The first 50 customers who order the phone through the Vip mobile internet store will receive a gift from the UA HealthBox™ system. UA HealthBox™ consists of:

  • UA BandTM
  • UA Heart RateTM
  • UA ScaleTM

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