Humanitarian Foundation “Child’s Heart” helping children with cardiothoracic diseases for 27 years

Within the celebration of its 40th business anniversary, JUBMES banka a.d. Beograd presented the website of the Humanitarian Foundation “Child’s Heart” in an interesting way. JUBMES banka participated in the establishment of the Humanitarian Foundation “Child’s Heart”, together with the Children’s Cardiothoracic Department of the Mother and Child Health Institute “Dr Vukan Čupić” Novi Beograd back in 1992, with an aim to improve the conditions for medical treatment of children with congenital heart defects.

Guided by a wish to underline the importance of this event, the Bank organized the “Big heart hunt”. In addition to employees and bank clients, representatives of the Foundation who have participated in the exciting hunt for “hidden treasure”, namely the hunt for the letters used to write the name of the Foundation’s new website which will be available in front of the headquarters of JUBMES banka in Novi Beograd in the next couple of days – – have also joined the activities. In this way, the Bank wanted to presented the new website, which will contribute to further work of the Foundation and gathering of funds to improve medical conditions for treatment of children to the public.

In the last 27 years, support to goals and the mission of the Foundation has been important part of JUBMES banka’s CSR business. With an aim to highlight the event, the Bank, within the celebration of its 40th business anniversary, organized the “Big heart hunt”.

In order to mark the anniversary and encourage all people of good will to join the campaign, the Foundation placed a panel with a current account number into which funds for medical treatment of children can be paid at the Children’s Cardiothoracic Department within the Institute.

JUBMES banka, as one of key patrons of the Foundation, will continue to provide full support to the realization of one of the best known long-term sustainable humanitarian projects in the Republic of Serbia, thus proving its long-term commitment and dedication to the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development by offering support to the needs of the community in which the Bank is doing business, the very essence of its corporate philosophy.

The Foundation’s activities aim to provide ever better conditions for cardio procedures and surgeries and medical treatment of children – from newborn babies to 19-year-olds. In 27 years, the Foundation has helped procurement of numerous state-of-the-art devices and equipment, including monitors, a blood salvage device, surgical light etc. The Foundation has also supported professional development of experts in congenital heart defects, as well as disease prevention programs.

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