I&F McCann Group receives Corporate Superbrands recognition

I&F McCann Group, one of the leading communication systems in Southeast Europe, received the award Corporate Superbrands at the Superbrands Serbia 2015/16 event. Business reputation and recognition of the public, consistency and reliability, good business practice, corporate and social responsibility, these were the criteria for deciding on the most successful corporate superbrands in Serbia.


Vanda Kučera, head of corporate affairs at I&F McCann Group, receiving the award

In addition to the prominent names in the field of economy, marketing, media, a survey was also made with the general public, about the companies that are most successful in their respective fields. I&F McCann Group said this award is a confirmation of their success and an incentive toward achieving strategic goals in the development of the communications industry, contributing to the development of the profession and public education, social responsibility in business and investment in community.

I&F McCann Group successfully operates for 20 years now, and all this time we are dedicated to designing, creating, developing and improving the brands of our partners. When you sincerely, with love and with great knowledge and professionalism dedicate yourself to your work, then you, as an agency, become a brand as well,” said Vanda Kučera, Head of Corporate Affairs at I&F McCann Group on this occasion. President of Color Pres Group Robert Čoban and Director of Color Media Communications Milica Đokić were present as media sponsors.

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