International organizations and diplomatic missions in Serbia join hands with the LGBTQI+ community in Serbia under the banner “Love is Law” (Ljubav je zakon)

On the occasion of the Belgrade Pride Parade 2021, international organizations and diplomatic missions* in Serbia join hands with the LGBTQI+ community in Serbia and beyond under the banner “Love is Law” (Ljubav je zakon).
Photo: © Ⓒ Marija Piroshki/UN Serbia

This year has seen major institutional efforts to advance the rights of LGBTQI+ people in Serbia, as the first Law on Same-Sex Unions has been drafted and discussed with wide participation of civil society, the LGBTQI+ community and senior political leaders.  This is a significant step towards a transformative legislation that promotes and protects fundamental human rights of many people in the country, in addition to the realization of Serbia’s international commitments in the area of human rights. The final step in this process would be the prompt adoption of this law which would truly confirm the commitment of the Government and the society to human rights in all areas of life and to combating social stigma and discrimination faced by certain groups.

The organizations together express the support for the human rights, freedoms and equality of LGBTQI+ people as an essential part of our societies. That are: United Nations – Serbia, Council of Europe Office in Belgrade, British Embassy in Belgrade, Embassy of Belgium in Belgrade, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Australian Embassy in Belgrade, U.S. Embassy Belgrade, Embassy of Denmark in Serbia, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, Embassy of Canada to Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

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