It’s time for safe saving

On the occasion of the Savings Week, AIK Bank enabled the depositors to deposit their money for a period of 12, 25 or 36 months, with very attractive nominal interest rates, with the action offer of FLEXIBLE SECURITIES in euros, which will last until December 31, Within the product flexible term time savings in euros, clients will be able to dispose of their money, in case they need them before maturity, all with the appropriate interest for the period during which they were being saved.

AIK Bank, domestic and strong, has been recognized by clients for many years as a successful and stable financial institution in which they have a lot of trust. Citizens and businessmen in it have a reliable partner who follows their needs, while adapting to their capabilities and requirements. This is supported by the fact that AIK Bank is one of the leading banks in the country, looking at the state of total savings.

For more detailed information, please contact the nearest AIK Bank or Contact Center at 0800 10 10 15.

AIK Bank – domestic and strong

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