Jelena Trivan was named one of the most successful managers in 2017

Director of Public Company Official Gazette, Dr Jelena Trivan, is the winner of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce’s award for contributing to the achieved results in the economy and improvement of management in 2017.

“I am very proud because this recognition is given to a woman, and there is not wnough of them in leadership positions and I hope this will be an encouragement for my female colleagues that we can and we deserve much more. This is praise for people in public companies who are not idle political party promoters, but people who work hard, make money and pay in the budget” Jelena Trivan said on the occasion of receiving the award for one of the most successful managers. The award was given at the festive session of the Chamber Assembly to companies, institutes and individuals for success in economy, innovation and science, improvement of management, informing the public about the work of the Chamber and economic trends.

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