KRUNA GAVOVIC, Marketing manager TMS CEE doo, CEO – The Lean Six Sigma Company CEE doo: Inspiring QUALITY


TMS (Technical & Management Service) is a regional brand and Cooperation partner of TÜV SÜD for the area of Central and Eastern Europe. Office in Serbia is responsible for other markets in the region including Macedonia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic. We spoke with Kruna Gavovic, Marketing manager TMS CEE doo, CEO – The Lean Six Sigma Company CEE doo about the current trends in the market.

What is the current position of TMS CEE?

— TMS CEE achieved continuous and robust growth for several years now, with the last year as the best so far. Participation on major energy and infrastructure projects, development of new and sometimes exclusive services, like “Family Friendly Enterprise”, Corporate security and other services, helped in this achievement.

You have two roles – within TMS CEE and The Lean Six Sigma Company CEE? Which one has the priority for you?

— My role as a Marketing manager of TMS CEE is exciting and a challenging one, because the complexity of the processes and the demanded level of service quality are so high that each word and detail count in my position. But our partnership with the most prominent EU company for Lean Six Sigma – The Lean Six Sigma Company from Rotterdam, Netherlands, is also demanding – it required raising the visibility and gaining the momentum, which we achieved in the last period. Therefore, there is no priority role, my tasks are clear and it is not impossible to perform two roles when clear vision, proudness by roles and motivation exist, as here is the case.

How is the future for Lean Six Sigma on this market?

— Lean Six Sigma got into the focus after the 2007/8 crisis, by presenting a proven way of raising the efficiency and effectivity of the organizations. Unlike the ubiquitous ISO 9001 standard, Lean Six Sigma brings the economically measurable effects and is strongly connected with gains in money by bookkeeping- recorded way. Therefore, the usage on our market, which is not money-saturated, can be only more needed than in the opposite markets. We now have the team of world-class Master Black Belts available for our clients to bring them the experiences from the applying Lean Six Sigma concept in a number of the relevant world companies, using the proven and accredited concept from Netherlands and other economically mature markets. What is positive is that not only the production companies use LSS now, but also the service organizations, in finance, logistics, IT, retail and other areas. LSS has the high growth rate globally and I am confident about its future on our markets also.

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