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Continous innovations, the quest for finding optimal solutions in tasks realization and intently listening to clients’ needs is a simple but very important philosophy for every successful company. Nelt, one of our largest business systems which operate on two continents, has been maintaining the leading position in distribution and logistics for years, guided by these principles. The company is recognized by the way it operates, its professionalism and transparency, as well as by investing constant efforts into integrating good business practices from global companies with which it cooperates into its business processes.

Nelt Group Logistics Business Development Manager, Ivan Milićević and Nelt Group Logistics Operational Excellence Manager, Vuk Mijanović talked with us about the way in which the company implemented its standards, its compliance with relevant regulation, implementation of the most successful business models and innovation which all ensure that Nelt is continuously growing while maintaining its leading position both in the domestic and regional market.


Mr. Milićević recently participated in the forum “Possibilities and Challenges of Trade between Serbia and Romania”, hosted by the Logistics Association of Romania.

You held a presentation on the topic “Can Belgrade become a new intermodal gate for overseas operations of companies from Western Romania?” What were your main messages for your colleagues in the region?

— The event, that took place in Timisoara, was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas, and besides the representatives of state institutions and embassies from both countries, a number of business associations and companies such as Continental Automotive Serbia, Zoppas Industries, and auditing company Deloitte, also attended. We tried to point out to our partners the comparative advantages of using Nelt’s intermodal terminal, which is connected by rail with the port of Piraeus and the company’s existing solutions regarding the shipment of containers from the Far East to the region of Western Romania via the ports of Constanta, Rijeka and Koper. Our goal is to higlight the evident decrease in the total travel time and traveled route, also the significant impact on reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions. What is very important to us is that representatives of companies and institutions have shown great interest in the presented solutions.

The conference titled “Transport and Logistics of South-East Europe and the Danube Region – TIL 2019” was held in late March, with Nelt participating in the panel called “Safety Challenges in Supply Chain”. How important is the security system implemented in Nelt and how have you been investing in its development?

— Nelt, as a long-standing participant in the supply chains in the challenging markets such as the Western Balkans and sub-Saharan Africa and a partner to leading global brands, places a great emphasis on security. In line with global trends and business requirements, we work in accordance with the ISO28000, ISO 27001 and TAPA FSR and TAPA TSR standards.

Nelt has the status of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which was introduced in response to the security challenges following the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City on 11th September 2001. How important is the AEO for Nelt and what are its benefits?

— In 2017, Nelt was assigned the highest level of this status – AEO F – which confirms that the company is in compliance with strict security requirements across its supply chain. Nelt being given the AEO F status is the result of the teamwork of several sectors in the company – logistics, external trade, security, finance, IT and HR. Thanks to this status, we can provide our clients with fast customs clearance services and, more importantly, we have extremely high security and safety standards. This certificate is important for Nelt, and at the same time, it is proof of the top quality services we provide. Also, the certificate enables simplified and expedited customs procedures resulting in shorter transport times, cost savings and improvement in meeting customer requirements.

VUK MIJANOVIĆ, Nelt Group Logistics Operational Excellence Manager: DIGITIZATION IN THE LOGISTICS SECTOR

In early April, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia hosted the Second Digital Summit of the Western Balkans, bringing together key decision makers in digitization, representatives of business communities, regional organizations and associations, academia and youth. The event was attended by more than 3,000 participants, 2,000 companies and 200 speakers from the country and abroad. Nelt Group Logistics Operational Excellence Manager, Vuk Mijanović participated in the panel discussion „Digitization in the Logistics Sector“ and spoke about digitization facilitating business, reducing paperwork, and considerably saving time and overhead in logistics companies.

What is your view of digitization in logistics and what are its advantages?

— Vuk Mijanović: The decision to digitize the logistics processes is based on resource optimization, but the most important segment is reducing the complexity in the delivery of goods, i.e. simplifying the task of goods delivery, in order to motivate employees and boost their commitment. I have to underline that such an exchange of documentation with customers makes the whole chain more efficient and creates new opportunities.

Are there any obstacles in the implementation of digitization and, if so, what concrete steps and solutions did you apply to overcome them?

— Vuk Mijanović: There are challenges regarding the implementation of new solutions, mostly due to the fact that the relevant regulation is not harmonized enough to support these processes. Fortunately, we have established excellent communication with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, and have devised clear steps that should lead us to implementation. In accordance with its development strategy, Nelt has identified specific resources to establish an agile organization that can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. By this I mean the implementation and development of digital/new technologies.


At this year’s business conference “Transport and Logistics 2019”, Nelt received the 2019 Brand Leader Award for outstanding cooperation and contribution to the development of the Chinese project “One Belt, One Road”. The award is given by Dragon Maritime Group, a representative of one of the biggest logistics companies in China, COSCO, based on a set of standardized criteria that include professionalism, innovation and a high degree of market recognition.
The COSCO Company, with which Nelt has been cooperating with since 2017, is one of the main contractors of the national project “One Belt, One Road”, which is implemented by the Chinese government and involves establishing a strategically important connection between the port of Piraeus to various destinations in the Balkans and the countries of Central Europe. Nelt’s intermodal terminal in Belgrade has become a logistics hub of the Balkans thanks to its excellent location, technical and technological advantages. The set of logistics services initiated by the activation of the intermodal terminal enables customers to reduce logistics costs, as well as faster, safer and better quality transport services.

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