MediGroup introduced the first MR 3 Tesla in private healthcare

The largest private healthcare system in Serbia and the region – MediGroup, presented to the professional public Magnetic resonance of strength 3 called Tesla, the first of its kind in private healthcare in the region.

In the pleasant ambience of the Hilton hotel, a presentation of the new MR 3 Tesla was held, which, unlike standard magnets, has twice the magnetic field strength, and thus gives the most accurate image of the organs, which enables an accurate and timely diagnosis. Also, the duration of the examination in MR 3 Tesla is shorter, more comfortable, painless and noiseless. “I am proud of the fact that MediGroup can boast the state-of-the-art device in diagnostic medicine, Magnetic Resonance 3 of Tesla, which is the world’s most famous device for early detection and monitoring of malignant diseases. With this appliance, we allow our users to prevent and diagnose diseases at the highest level”, said Prof. Dr. Đorđe Šaranović, the prominent radiologist of the General Hospital MediGroup, and added that he is honored to be part of a team that keeps up with global trends in the field of medicine.

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