Milos Bikovic named the new face of Gorki List

Towards the sixth decade of the inimitable taste of homemade bitters

As of today, one of the most successful young European actors, Milos Bikovic is the new face of Gorki list and the Magic of bitterness campaign, designed on the eve of the great jubilee – six decades of secret recipe and unique taste of this bitter.

As part of his new role, he will engage his talent and creativity through Gorki list’s campaigns in the next year to complete the unusual story of a local bitter that, just like himself, has grown into one of the strongest international brands from Serbia.

(Foto: Gold Drink)

Vojin Djordjevic, founder and creator of the brands Gorki list and VODAVODA expressed great satisfaction because of the joint cooperation on the promotion of a domestic bitter, which sovereignly rules as a leader in its category in our market, but also in 10 foreign, very demanding markets.

”In the last 60 years, Gorki list has been a synonym for quality, it represents the perfect balance of a secret recipe, but also exceptional flexibility thanks to which it constantly changes and innovates its design in accordance with the needs of consumers around the world. Our bitter has very quickly outgrown the borders of our country, and grown into a strong international brand that lasts and constantly multiplies its influence and strength. “Just like its face, Milos Bikovic, the bitter is proof that Serbia has quality, expertise and talent, thanks to which it can stand “side by side” with the world’s biggest brands”, Djordjevic pointed out.

In addition to joining forces in the promotion of the recognizable bitter, the joint cooperation will also include work on further affirmation of local creativity, art and culture in our country and abroad, which are also characteristic for both Gorki List and Milos Bikovic.

(Foto: Gold Drink)

“I believe that no matter how far you go in life, you must never forget where you started. That is why I see my popularity as an opportunity to promote the country in which I was born and raised, where I was educated and made my first professional steps. Just like me, Gorki list strives to use its credibility and popularity in foreign markets to show that Serbia is a country of talented people and high quality products. That is why this partnership is completely natural for me and therefore very important, because on the one hand it is based on common values, and on the other hand it will develop carried by the same goals”, concluded Bikovic.

The cooperation between Gorki list and our celebrated actor began when this brand supported the film and the TV series Juzni vetar, as well as the Russian-Serbian film Hotel Beograd. The long-term partnership was crowned with the engagement of Milos Bikovic as the face of Gorki list and co-producer for the Magic of Bitterness, an advertising video recorded by the production company Arhangel, which he founded.

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