Mlekara Šabac is the first dairy in Serbia with Data Matrix technology

The modern technology of marking and tracking products, worth 800.000 euros is the latest in a series of innovations that Mlekara Šabac is introducing to its production, thus continuing the further development of its local and global business.

Belgrade, June 14th 2021 – Dairy industry, like any other branch of the economy, can no longer count on competitiveness in any market, if it does not apply modern production standards that guarantee efficiency, safety and quality. Therefore, investments in innovations and advanced technologies in production are not only the current business priority of Mlekara Šabac, but also its strategic plan for a sustainable business future.

As one of the leaders of the Serbian dairy industry, but also the largest domestic exporter of dairy products (among which are well-known brands Sirko, A la Kajmak, white soft cheese Mediteraneo), Mlekara Šabac constantly innovates its production process thus remaining a competitive and competent player in a constantly changing market.

“Exporting products to 15 world markets – from Russia, through Europe to the United States requires to always be ready to respond to any request that any particular country may have. This is only possible thanks to serious investments in innovative production technologies. We have become the first Serbian dairy to export products compliant with Data Matrix technology and thus fully respond to the recently introduced requirements of the Russian market, where we have been present for more than 10 years and where now each product must be marked with a QR code”, says Nenad Ilić, Director of the Maintenance, Energy and Investment Sector in Mlekara Šabac.

The Russian market is certainly one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world, which means that the food products exported there must comply with the highest standards of quality and safety. Part of that are innovations such as Data Matrix (DM) technology. Marking each product with a unique DM code is a technology that provides consumers with all the information about the product in a simple and fast way, using phone applications.

Russian consumers are very demanding and expect to be transparently and effectively informed about the products they use, especially when it comes to food – where in addition to product quality, safety and authenticity, they want to know about the origin of ingredients, their nutritional value and other relevant data.

Data Matrix technology provides that with its comprehensive track & trace system that tracks every product – in the entire chain, from production to placement on store shelves.

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