Despite the prevailing opinion, there are more things in the world that connects us, rather than separate us. Maybe it sounds unbelievable, but one of them is religion. When you compare the basic principles of Islam and Christianity, you will see that they are almost the same! This is what the ‘One book’ is about. Bringing together two religions to bring peace and harmony to the world!

„One book for peace“ gathers teachings from the holy books of the Bible and the Quran, comparatively showing how similar messages from each are. By showing resemblance between the two, the purpose of the book is to bring to life inter-religious dialogue and discussion among ordinary people.

 The book represents 10 verses from the Bible and 10 verses of the Quran, on ten universal topics, close to all people in the world: One God, Peace, Justice, Love, Family and Neighbors, Sanctity of Life, Compassion, Forgiveness, Helping Others and Hope.

 The book is prepared by experienced journalist Mirnes Kovač, with the help of two theologians Muhamed Fazlović (Islam) and Pavle Mijović (Christianity). Theologians have chosen verses from their holy books, which they want people from other religions to read.

 Project ‘The One’ is created as a joint project between New Moment and Y&R, for Inter-religious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the mission to bring down prejudice and raise awareness of the importance of inter-religious dialogue.

 The book has its premiere on Al Jazeera Channel, and will be sent to the world’s most influential leaders, such as His Holiness Pope Francis, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and many others around the world.

 In order to provide access to the book to as many people as possible, the book has its online and audio version.

  Video about the project:

  Download or read the book for free on, follow us on Twitter @OneBookForPeace, or use #OneBookForPeace to express what you think about this message of peace.


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