N1 TV celebrates five years on the air

During that time, N1 journalists covered all crucial events in the country, region and the world, with live coverage and with unbiased, objective and accurate reporting.

Many invitees from politics, culture, media, business and NGOs joined N1’s celebration at the Marriott Hotel where leading TV’s, and United Media people promised N1 would continue to work with the same passion, despite numerous attacks and obstacle it faced.


“We were lucky to have a professional and qualified people from the beginning, and the top journalists with specific reporting skills made an immediate difference what our audience recognised. So that from the first year we positioned ourselves high with the viewership in all countries where N1 broadcast. Our business partners, like bug cable operators across the region, recognised that and included N1 into their platforms. We are now present in four million households across our region,” United Media General and Executive Director Aleksandra Subotic said.Jugoslav Cosic, the N1 Programme Director, said that “when we started five years ago, we dreamt of starting this media adventure, and since then things changed entirely. Our ambitious are much higher today, much stronger, we look further into the future, and that’s a kind of our promise.

“I believe that we have made two extremely trustworthy media, TV and website, that we become the first choice of our viewers and made very important link with our audience, that the viewers trust us due to our motto that it is not important to be the first but to be accurate and precise,” Cosic said.

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