“Naše selo” – a new action of Delta Holding

“Naše selo” – the name of the new Delta Holding project, which this company wants to start development of agriculture in underdeveloped areas and reconstruction of villages in Serbia. For the beginning of the project, the villages of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova in the vicinity of Zaječar were selected, and today the decision was announced to their inhabitants by the president of Delta Holding Miroslav Mišković and the mayor of Zaječar, Boško Ničić.

Delta will help the locals of the two selected villages to significantly improve the level of agricultural production as well as social and cultural life in their place and bring them to the level of villages in the developed parts of Europe. Experts of Delta Agrar will advise farmers in the protection and cultivation of fruits, in the selection of fruits and breeds of animals and their proper breeding, as well as all other tasks that depend on the success of agricultural production. In order to make the project sustainable, Delta will guarantee the purchase of manufactured goods, because the placement has so far represented one of the biggest problems for manufacturers in this region.

The project also plans to improve cultural and social life in these villages by donating funds for the reconstruction of institutions that are important for the life of the entire village, such as school, the home of culture, the health center, and the organization of cultural and entertainment events. The aim is to make the life of the villages of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova better in the shortest possible time, for the present villagers, and for those who left these villages in search of a better future. The long-term goal of the project is that these settlements reach the level of modern European villages and return to the village a part of the emigrated population, especially young individuals and families.

The project “Naše selo” was launched with the full support of the local community. The city of Zajecar not only encourages the entry of villagers in this project, but also suggests its involvement and the possibility of spreading the action to other villages in this part of eastern Serbia.

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