Nectar Founds “Nije Svejedno” Foundation

Nectar, a leader in fruit processing and fruit juice production in Serbia and the region, has founded the Nije Svejedno Foundation whose focus will be on projects aimed at increasing the birth rate in Serbia, returning children to nature and educating and empowering young people in the agricultural business.

The first concrete project of the foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, will be the establishment of a center for in vitro fertilization in health centers, as well as the establishment of a free national number which citizens can utilize to obtain all necessary information and psychological support in this process.

Ana Radun, Deputy CEO of Nectar and representative of the Radun family, which is 100% owner of the company since its founding, addressed the gathering as the Foundation Manager and presented the first project.


“As a family-owned company that has been around for two decades, we are faithful to our business philosophy and are guided by the keywords healthy, of good quality and local. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been our additional activity, and now, with the founding of the Nije Svejedno Foundation, we want to make a strategic and continuous endeavor in the areas where we can make the most impact with our efforts, resources, knowledge and experience,”said Ana Radun at the presentation of the Nije Svejedno Foundation.

Every sixth couple in Serbia has a problem getting pregnant naturally. With the “Nije Svejedno kada bebe dolaze” campaign, together with the Ministry of Health, Nectar has reconstructed the GAK Narodni Front Fertility Unit and created conditions to multiply the number of couples who will have the opportunity to complete this process in their home country. The Foundation, together with the Ministry, continues to work in this area by opening couples counseling centers in health centers, as well as opening a toll-free national number for anyone in need of advice or assistance, and a guide to in vitro fertilization has been developed and will be distributed to all health centers. Soon, a vehicle will be provided to enable professionals to reach those who cannot easily access this type of information or expertise. The Foundation has imported all the factors into this project – Ministry of Health, Association “Chance for Parenthood”, Center for Mental Health of the City of Belgrade.

“The issue of IVF is of strategic importance to us. Just over 3740 women have undergone an IVF procedure in the last year. Through a series of projects, we have sought to increase the number of couples who could go through this process. We raised the age of entry to the procedure from 38 to 42 years, and together with Nectar, we reconstructed the IVF department in GAK Narodni Front. The process itself is not simple, so it is important for couples to be aware that they need to come forward as soon as possible, which will be facilitated by the opening of a counseling center or a project that we are presenting today, ”said Ferenc Vicko, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health. focused on topics that are vital for raising birth rates in Serbia and treating infertility.

The event also featured two other areas in which the Foundation will develop a range of projects and programs aimed at returning to nature that will allow children to spend as much time in nature as possible and to educate them in the agricultural business, in order to share knowledge and practices and scholarships in this area.


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