Nelt Completed Infrastructure Investment Cycle Worth 15 Million Euros

New Business Partners In All Markets And Awards In 2019

The Nelt Group has invested 15 million euros in regional integrated logistics services. With a focus on process optimisation and investment in people, the company will record revenue of 950 million euros in 2019. The leader in providing the most sophisticated services in the area of distribution and logistics, employing 4,000 people in 15 companies in 11 markets in Southeast Europe and Africa, it has constantly been investing in business development, new technology implementation and employee advancement for more than 25 years.

“Despite challenges, we are planning further investments in service improvements, new technologies and process optimisation. We aim to continue with our organic growth, improve efficiency and generate value added by creating or acquiring new FMCG and pharmaceutical brands. We will also continue supporting projects related to education and professional empowerment of youth in all the markets where we operate,” said Miloš Jelić, the Nelt Group CEO.

Nelt also continues to invest in its employees, both in their professional development by providing them with an opportunity for advancement through internal and external training and a range of benefits setting a benchmark in working conditions, such as a company MD, private health insurance, special care of new mothers, etc. Thanks to the “PULS” app for instant feedback, Nelt employees are able to digitalise interpersonal communication and thus influence their development and that of their peers in real time.

For the company, 2019 has been the year of awards. At the Sarajevo Business Forum, Nelt won the prestigious regional award “Business of the Year“, and was also granted the Brand Leader Award 2019 for exceptional collaboration and contribution in developing China’s “One Belt, One Road” project. Resulting from the fact that digitalisation is a strategic priority of the company, Nelt won the “Logistics Project of the Year” Award at this year’s conference of the Serbian Logistics Association for the implementation of the SymphonyRetailAI tool, enabling automated supply management. The Nelt Group’s outstanding contribution to the execution of projects focused on youth education and development and support to innovative projects in the area of culture was rewarded with the “Highest Level of Social Responsibility and Care for Local Community” recognition.

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