Nestlé celebrates 15 years of successful and socially responsible business in Serbia

Nestlé, a global leader in food and beverage production, celebrated 15 years of successful operations in Serbia at the Royal Court, on 27th February 2020. On this occasion, the company’s management spoke about the past year’s results, underlined the importance of new projects and proudly highlighted the continuous investments in the local community and the creation of common values.

“I am proud of our company’s historical roots and the determination, dedication and pioneering spirit since its inception. We are very pleased that the Nestlé factory in Surčin, which started operating 9 years ago, produces high-quality products not only for Serbia but also for the regional market, as well as for the countries of Western Europe and the Russian Federation, “said Yana Mikhailova, Director of Nestlé for the Southeast Europe, adding the company was committed to further developing its business in Serbia in the long run.

Neli Angelova, Director of Communications of Nestlé company for the SEE market

“Nestlé’s strategy in Serbia contributed to us becoming the Zero Waste to Landfill company in December 2019, or the first plant in Serbia to achieve zero environmental impact, which means that not a single gram of waste from the factory will end in landfills, but will be recycled or used for other purposes. We will continue to invest in manufacturing processes, ”said Tanja Žigić, Director of the Nestlé factory in Surčin.

Tanja Žigić, Director of the Nestlé factory in Surčin


„Thanks to our strong sales and distribution, we have managed to reach our customers in all cities and villages in Serbia. We are here to provide top-quality products for our consumers, and in this, we are further motivated by their trust in us. With hard work and effort, we have become the first customer choice in various categories, such as NESCAFÉ and of course, the iconic Začin C. Our plan is to increase sales with the help of innovation as the basis for successful growth, and this applies to the entire Nestlé portfolio that is the consumer favourite – from baby food through to the culinary and pastry range, to pet food,” said Dejan Maslinko, Nestlé’s Commercial Director for Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Dejan Maslinko, Nestlé’s Commercial Director for Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro

Nestlé’s management also said that by creating products that meet the expectations and desires of local consumers, as well as providing support in solving the society’s pressing problems, Nestlé will continue to contribute to the well-being of the Serbian economy and local community in the coming years.

The celebration was also attended by numerous guests, including the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the diplomatic corps, non-governmental organizations, business partners and associations and the media, as well as H.E. Mr Philip Guex, Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Mr Adam Koenraad, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, H.E. Mr Subrata Bhattacharjee, Ambassador of India, H.E. Ms Alona Fischer-Kamm, Ambassador of Israel and many others.




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