New donations from the business community to UNICEF worth $246,160

Despite the slowdown in business activity across the economic branches, the business community has responded very quickly to UNICEF’s appeal in Serbia for companies and individuals to donate towards the purchase of respirators and medical and healthcare equipment.

Last week alone, companies donated as much as $ 246,160.00 to UNICEF. Multikom Grupa is the largest single donor with a $ 99,671.00 donation. Companies Symphony, Catena Media and Lidl Serbia also responded to the appeal and donated $ 60,287.00, $ 54,974.00 and $ 14,612.00 respectively.

Nordeus, Catena, Nutanix and Endava have further motivated their employees to help UNICEF with individual donations to respond promptly to the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Symphony’s employees have independently launched a fundraising campaign, which the company itself backed with an additional donation which will go towards purchasing medical and protective equipment.

Since the start of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, thanks to the support of the business community and individuals, UNICEF in Serbia has raised a total of $ 935,280.00 for the procurement of essential medical equipment, protective equipment for healthcare professionals, and hygiene packages delivered to the most vulnerable families and children.

“UNICEF gives its wholehearted support to national efforts to protect the population through the procurement of critically needed equipment for the healthcare system, as well as providing hygiene products for the most vulnerable families and children. We greatly appreciate the contribution of the private sector to our operations – both to the regular programmes for children and for emergencies like the one we are all now facing. The business community has shown true solidarity, and in a time of economic uncertainty, has committed part of its revenues to help society. I would like to thank all the companies that donated to UNICEF so we can work together to overcome the coronavirus contagion and save lives in Serbia, “said Regina De Dominicis, Director of UNICEF in Serbia.

The number of companies that responded to our appeal indicates that there is a strong awareness in the business community that fellowship is a force that can help us. Humanity is facing a global crisis that doesn’t care about borders and the speed at which we will overcome the crisis depends solely on our humane and united response.

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