University of Belgrade and Nestlé Adriatic signed an agreement to conduct mutual educational, practical and development activities for students. This cooperation will include students’ visits to the company, lectures and workshops that will be led by managers and other Nestlé employees, as well as participation of its representatives in developing a course named Career management skills, all leading towards one goal – youth professional advancement. This agreement formalized the cooperation existing between the University and the company from 2008.

The partnership is a result of Belgrade University efforts to give an insight into job market to as many students as possible while they are still studying, as well as giving them a chance to find suitable jobs afterwards. Also, this will be an opportunity for them to recognize the values of socially responsible business, which is a part of Nestlé vision – a company that has always thought of students as future top experts in their field of work. Nestlé directs special attention to youth, their education and career. Signing of this agreement is one of many activities this company is involved in while trying to prepare them for the future.

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