New Photography 7 in Belgrade

Group exhibition New Photography 7 encompasses the works of 29 authors and their selected photos. Just like during the previous exhibitions (since 2010 which was the year of the exhibition New Photography 1) they ask the key questions about the media appearance or the meaning of media. In this process there is no discrimination because everything is worth photographing and each method is welcome.

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As the seventh exhibition in a row, New Photography 7 represents authors at the beginning of their careers, as well as artists with established artistic careers. No matter how different they are, all the authors use the same medium as a means of research or experimentation: Mihajlo Vučinić, Lazar Sekulić, Darja Balšić, Katja Bondarenko, Tijana Manić, Jelena Stevanović, Tatjana Petrović, Slavka Nikolić, Rea Vasić, Luka Dragović, Natalija Biščić, Valentina Čukić, Katarina Petrović, Bojana Sapun, Violeta Tešic, Dušan Popović, Goran Zlatković, Hana Joksimović Jocić, Tijana Kačarević, Ljiljana Božović, Milan Aleksić, Mihailo Vasiljević, Andrija Rančić, Vesna Mićović, Brigita Bauer, Branka Nedimović, Dirk Gebhardt, Benjamin Beker and Tijana Pakić Feterman.

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Different themes and approaches towards transform the photographed subject into something more than its everyday functions implies, while keeping in mind that there is no thing that has not been photographed, and that there is no thing that is not photogenic. Therefore there is no clear destination for what it’s worth photographing or opposite-what is not. Precisely because of that the medium of photography should be considered as possible way of a surreal expression. Photography has the power to transform ordinary and obvious details into something special and often fascinating.

“Surrealism is the basis of the photographic enterprise in the creation of a duplicate of the world, the reality of the second degree, which is narrower but more dramatic than reality as it is perceived by natural observation. What could be more surreal than an object which essentially produces itself?”  Together, these authors explore the spaces between abstraction and representation, documentary and conceptual practice, analogue and digital techniques; and also support the idea that the medium of photography in all its forms, is a powerful tool of individual artistic practice. All participants are professors, staff and students of the New Academy of Art.

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