New president and members of executive and supervisory body of Confindustria in Serbia appointed

Patrizio Dei Tos at the helm of the Association of Italian Industrialists for the period 2019 – 2022

The General Assembly held on December 11, 2019, the members of Confindustria Serbia unanimously appointed Patrizio Dei Tos as the new president of this business association for the term 2019 – 2022. Dei Tos succeeded Erich Cossutta, who has been at the helm of this association since its establishment in June 2012.

Patrizio Dei Tos, a businessman from Treviso, is the founder and CEO of Labor Legno and Itlas, a leader in the Italian market in the production of wooden floors and flooring. Under the name Labor SRB, the company has been operating in Serbia since 2015, when it opened its first plant in Sremska Mitrovica. In October 2018, it opened a second plant.

“I would like to thank all my fellow businessmen who have given me the vote of confidence. A bold choice, which I will try to uphold, not only by holding the flag of Confindustria in Serbia high, but also by immediately starting to serve all Italian entrepreneurs who believe that it is possible to do business and develop their business activities in this part of the Balkans, ” Mr Dei Tos said just after the appointment.

At the Assembly meeting, Dei Tos also appointed his vice-presidents, who will, in the next three years, together with the President, form the Presidency of the Confindustria in Serbia, namely: Romano Rossi, co-owner and Managing Director of the shoe company Progetti doo, Paolo Di Bella, Managing Director of the IT company Engineering Software Lab and Annino de Venezia, CEO of Jagodina-based Aunde.

On December 11, the Association appointed members of other executive and supervisory bodies such as the General Council, the Board of Auditors and the Board of Arbitrators.

The following members were appointed into the General Council, with the outgoing president of the Association, Erich Cossutta remaining its active member: Andrija Božović, founder and CEO of West Group, Dragan Filipović, Chairman of the Executive Board of Generali Insurance Serbia, Giovanni Antonioli, Olimpias Knitting Ltd. (part of the Benetton Group), Giovanni Bertolaja, Managing Director of Becchis Osiride doo from Kragujevac, Matteo Ballarin, Energia Gas and Power Ltd., Predrag Bezbradica, Director of the Serbian branch of INSO and Stefano Gelsomini, Operations Director of Conceria Pasubio.

The new president has appointed Antonio Schiro,  founder of Studio Schiro and Partners, as a member of the General Council of Special Importance to the Association.

The members of the Board of Auditors for the next four years will be Mauro Conti, CEO of Top Deisa Ltd., Michele Rossini, founder of Aliquo Consulting and Roberto Corciulo, President of IC & Partners.

The Board of Arbitrators will comprise of Dubravka Kosić, the Kosić Law Firm; Radivoje Petrikić, the CMS Law Firm, Sunčica Nikolić, the Nikolić & Stanković Law Firm, Vladimir Mihaj, the Mihaj Law Firm, Vlatko Sekulović, the Sekulović Law Firm and Zoran Naumović, the Naumović & Partners Law Firm.

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