Norwegian-Serbian art works on display in Belgrade


A Norwegian-Serbian artist duo has come to Belgrade with their projects experimenting with the loss of memory and echoes from the world they are part of.


After a series of exhibitions in collaboration in Norway, Kristina Cepkenović Karlsen, a Serbian born artist living in Norway and Anne Kristin Mirset, a Norwegian artist, are now exhibiting their work in Belgrade’s Graficki Kolektiv. While Kristina’s work focuses on brain and memory, Anne Kristin is based on existential being.

„I have been resarching on the brain and memory in the past seven years because of the events that have happened to me in my life. I chose to live in Norway and build up a family here and somehow I became disconnected with my roots in my home country Serbia for about 14 years. Most of my memory of home has vanished, so I am reseraching and uncovering this forgotten memory through artistic practice,“ says Kristina.

Anne Kristin is working with echoes from the world she is part of and that she has been thrown into. „I materializes images that have frozen to ice in the moment, pictures and words that refuse to move, words that have fled to me through the skin in raindrops,“ Anne Kristin explains.

According to them,  the exhibition has created curiousity among the visitors. „They were very engaged and positive to what they saw and experienced. A lot of them came up with concrete questions which resulted in good conversations about art and printmaking, Kristina and Anne say.

Based on their own experiences from the arts in Norway and what they have seen and experienced in Belgrade, they do not see any big distance or differences in artistic expressions in Norway and Serbia. They have expressed their hope that Serbia-Norway cultural links will only continue to strengthen.

You are all welcome to see and experience this exhibition at Graficki Kolektiv gallery in Belgrade until July 30.

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