“Obviously and invisible“ Exhibition by Goran Zlatković Opened

“Obviously and invisible“ by Goran Zlatković is theoretical photographic project, which has been created over the past two years during my studies on the master program Visual arts – Photography. It consist of written part as well as works i.e. photographies, planned number of works for exhibition in all include 22 photographies. The exhibition will be held in the gallery of ” Home of the army “, Brace Jugović 19 street in Belgrade from 10. – 30. november 2017.
During the entire project and exhibition is heading to interpretation and examples of new practice in report photography and understanding this particular genre. The curator of the gallery, Jelena Knežević, prof. Milan Aleksić and the author, and the exhibition was opened by Zoran Đorđević addressed the guests.

Many people think that report is area of photography explored well enough and it can hardly change and that is the reason why it was a chalenge to pursue new way of presenting this new documentary form.
Project contains of elaborate, written part and exhibition, and goals may be defined as educational and dedicated to a broad audience. During the exhibition there will be discussions and lectures on contemporary practice in this field of photography. There were also planed guideness through the exhibition and conversations with the author and custodian from the gallery.
Report as an area and part of contemporary photography is very present in almost every media (TV, internet, newspapers and magazines), so as an additional goal this type of practise and education are promoted, especially among high secondary-school pupils and students, but also photographers, artists and media theoreticians.

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