Official distributor of USA Inspire metodology is Omega Consulting Team

Miloš Tomanović, consultant in Omega team, is officialy only certified SEE Inspire Instructor of metodology “Inspire happiness at work”. From October 2016 Miloš will run official educational programs for sertifing new Instructors.

Goal of this program is to incorporate use of this practical and simple yet powerfull tool for detirmination of competencies for each employee. With this knowledge company could better set employment by matching job description with competencies of employee also, to make great compensation plan by finding out real iner drivers of person. This would improve personal and team work.


Imagine if only in 60 minutes you can find out for each person what is theri list of high nad/or low competencies on scale of dozens even hundred tested competencies?

How would it be if all those competenices you can find out with simple use of metodology “Inspire happiness at work?

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