Over 20 million domestic baby food products from a factory in Dobanovci for toddlers across Europe

Baby Food Factory, domestic children food factory, in its first year of operations, has marketed over 20 million products to the markets of Southeast Europe and Russia.

The modern baby food factory, which launched its production facilities in November 2018, as the largest domestic investment, has given a significant contribution to the return of the Serbian baby food industry to the place which it deserves, improving at the same time export potential in this segment.

More than ten million purees, five million liquid cereals, over three million cereals and a million delicious and healthy juices produced by the factory under own brand Nutrino have found their way to the youngest consumers in the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Moldova and Russian Federation. At the beginning of 2020 it is planned to enter the market of the European Union and Africa.

„Baby Food Factory is equipped with high-efficient technical and technological equipment of large production capacity, which enables us to produce and place our products outside of Europe, and by continuing investments in production potential, we will expand the existing range. In just one year, we have moved from a completely unknown, new domestic brand to a brand that parents trust and regularly purchase. According to official A.C. Nielsen data, for only 10 months Nutrino share in the baby food market has reached 17% and is still growing. In some categories we are at the top, along with large, global producers which have been present in the local market for many years. This is a remarkable success for domestic production and proof that Serbia has a quality baby food brand, which we can be proud of “, said Milena Cvetković, CEO of Baby Food Factory.

The expansion of the market and business growth was accompanied by increase in the number of employees, so in the first year, the factory team was expanded with 96 highly qualified specialists of different profiles, and today Baby Food Factory hires more than 170 people.

What makes the factory in Dobanovci one of the most modern facilities in the world and unique in the region is equipment that guarantees production in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety of baby food. The whole factory is made in so-called “clean room panels”, which are required in the pharmaceutical industry and operating rooms, where cleanliness is crucial and represent conditions above the standards in the production of baby food.

The raw materials used in products are approved for the production of baby food according to the strictest European standards, while the product portfolio is designed to meet the nutritional needs of each stage of the child’s development. In its first year, among other things, factory was awarded with the internationally recognized certificates of quality and safety through the highest certifications – HACCP, ISO 9001: 2015 and FSSC 22000. All of this results in certainty of parents, that Nutrino is the best food for their children.

Baby Food Factory produces a complete range of baby food consisting of cereals, liquid cereals – Little milk, juices and purees in glass, as well as in new, soft pouch packaging.

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