Over Two Billion Cans from SERBIA EACH YEAR

The global leader in alu-packaging production, the Ball Corporation, has been operating successfully in Serbia for fourteen years now. This year will be marked by business expansion, launch of the third production line, new jobs, winning of new beverage categories and setup of Ball’s central graphics centre for Europe in Belgrade.

In previous years, we’ve turned from a significant Greenfield investment into the most sophisticated plant with three production lines. Today, we have more than 200 employees in our country and export cans we produce to more than 20 countries. We’ve accomplished all that thanks to our operations in line with the values that the Ball brothers defined when setting up the company nearly 140 years ago, and those are integrity, being close to the customers, commitment to details and innovation, as well as development of a sentiment among all employees that the company they work for is theirs as well.”

Branislav Savić, Plant Manager in Belgrade, notes that he is proud of his team in Serbia, who is ready for the challenge of launching the third production line and all the advantages of Ball’s future European central graphics department in Belgrade.

The new line will significantly expand our capacities in Serbia and enable the production of more than two billion cans per annually. This investment has resulted in creating 40 new jobs in the Belgrade-based factory, one of the largest exporters in the country, with 70 percent of its output marketed in more than 20 countries. In addition, Ball is developing its European graphics centre in Belgrade, which we expect to bring higher efficiency, maximum quality and innovation, as well as easier achievement of our partners’ business objectives and their cans that consumers will perceive as little artworks. In all that, we’ll follow the mission of being the most sustainable company possible. Therefore, we see any improvement, including graphics, as an opportunity to distinguish beverage alu-packaging as our greatest environmental ally. We’ve already proven that we have high-quality employees in Belgrade, who are able to respond to the needs of foreign markets. Let me remind you that the Global Business Services office located here provides support to all our operations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Currently, our team consists of more than 100 experts in the areas of business development, control, finance, human resources management and internal audit.”

The Ball Corporation has earned and maintained its leadership position primarily owing to its constant efforts to be a role model in its industry and a pioneer in innovation. The company’s priority is to be close with its customers everywhere where it operates. Sales Director South East Europe Nikola Narančić confirms that the company has big plans in the market that he is in charge of.

Today, the SEE market is one of the most dynamic markets where Ball operates. It includes Serbia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro… We are proud to say that we are the leader in this part of the planet as well, owing to partner relations we’ve established with our customers. Each customer is equally important for Ball and there is no compromise in regard to quality. Both small producers and large multinationals have been our loyal partners for years, because they know that we strive to perfection, pay attention to details, insist on innovativeness in everything we do. Together, we’ve successfully positioned a can in the SEE market. We’re planning to take a step further and, together with our customers, we are already working on developing new categories of beverages packed in cans, such as craft beer, water, coffee, non-carbonated drinks, ice teas, and that will be in our focus in the upcoming period as well.”

Ball is proud of being the best ambassador of care for environmental protection, together with its employees. Narančić underlines that it is equally important for the company to be the business leader and the sustainability leader.

Across the world, a can is an increasingly popular type of beverage packaging. It is the best answer to growing concerns about a negative impact of plastic packaging. A can is the most sustainable type of packaging because aluminium can be recycled over and over again, with no effect on quality and regardless of colour or design. In Europe, as much as 74 percent of all produced cans are recycled. A trend of reducing an environmental footprint and the upcoming ban of single use plastic in the European Union have distinguished a can as one of the best solutions. We will increase the production of this beverage packaging in Serbia and continue with strong campaigns promoting recycling as a lifestyle and educating the general public in that area. So far, we have had an excellent feedback of the population in Serbia via the Recan Foundation’s campaigns. This year, the Recan Foundation is expanding its activities to the market where we operate – SEE. Primarily through entertaining and educational programs at music festivals, it will strengthen its position in the region and increase the number of can fans.”

For Ball, care for the planet is as important as achievement of business objectives. That is why it will continue to work with the same enthusiasm on improving business operations and the environment where we live and work in Serbia in 2019 as well.

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