Picasso’s graphics at Belgrade Heritage House

In cooperation with the Kos Gallery from Ljubljana, the Heritage House in Belgrade will host an exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s graphics from his biggest and most celebrated graphics collection called Vollard Suite.


The exhibition „Picasso – Selected Pieces from Vollard Suite“ will be opened from 19th January to 5th April at the Heritage House, and it includes a total of 84 graphics. These are the pieces that Picasso created in the 1930s after being commissioned by a Parisian art dealer Ambroise Vollard (1866-1939).

The entire collection, comprising of close to a hundred pieces including the portraits of Vollard, is named after the Parisian dealer. The first exhibition of Vollard Suite was in Ljubljana in 2016, at the Kos Gallery. Again in collaboration with the Kos Gallery, the Heritage House hosted the exhibition of Salvador Dali’s graphics Divine Worlds, comprising of almost 240 pieces, in 2016.

The official opening of Picasso’s exhibition was on 18th January. Director and the Curator of the Kos Gallery, Leon Pogelsek, Director of the Heritage House, Filip Brusic-Renaud, and the art historian Misko Suvakovic will present the exhibition to the media on 19th January.

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