Presentation of the economic potentials of the City of Novi Sad

In the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, today, November 26th, a presentation entitled “Presentation of the economic potentials of the City of Novi Sad” was held. On this occasion, the representatives of foreign embassies in the Republic of Serbia, local and foreign business associations and representatives of companies were greeted by the Assistant Mayor of Novi Sad, Adrijana Mesarović, who pointed out that Novi Sad is an ideal place for living, as well as for business activities and investments.

– A favorable geo-strategic position, total export potential of over one billion consumers, the existence of a free customs zone, a developed labor market, and a developed market for information and communication technology services are some of the many potentials of Novi Sad – said Adrijana Mesarović and added – In order to attract investments and create a positive business climate, it is necessary to strengthen the existing capacities, to devote themselves to implementing the strategy of local economic development, and to constantly listen to the interests of the and compare the experience with the developed countries of the European Union.

She explained that in the last years, in order to strengthen the economic potential, a public-private partnership imposes long-term public-private partnerships in order to secure the financing, construction, reconstruction, management or maintenance of infrastructural and other facilities of public importance and providing services of public importance.

Within the presentation, a non-binding public invitation for collecting letters of interest for managing and improving the operations of the Public Enterprise “Sport and Business Center of Vojvodina” was presented. With this invitation, the City of Novi Sad is appealing to interested domestic or foreign legal entities to submit their letters of interest for managing and improving the business of JP “Sportski i poslovni centar Vojvodina” Novi Sad, by investing in the object of this sport -business center. At the same time, the assistant mayor, Adrijana Mesarović, invited all interested parties to visit SPENS on December 7, 2018, from 9 am to 2 pm in the framework of the “Open Doors Day”, when potential investors will have the opportunity to find out more and get to know the facility better.

Andrija Jovanovic, the Head of the Regional Representation of the European Investment Bank Dubravka Negre, the representative of JP “Sport and Business Center of Vojvodina” Boris Barjaktarović and the Head of the Local Economic Office, addressed the participants at the presentation in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. Development of the City of Novi Sad, Goran Sečujski.

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