Prologue of the 51st Bitef – Quizula! The performance of the famous British theatre troupe Forsd Enterteinment announces the Bitef


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Bitef in 2017, 51st in a row, will be held from September 22 to September 30 in Belgrade. Within the main programme, there will be seven shows, but they will last for more than forty hours. This fact itself points to the main aesthetic determinant of this year’s festival, a long-term performance or “durational performances.”

Photo: Hugo Glendinning 

The Epic Trip slogan refers to the fact that most of the plays take the epic material for the starting point, but also points to a trip or journey, an adventure based on duration and on time. For the second year in a row, the festival also includes Prologue, or an introductory show, which according to some of its characteristics corresponds to the very essence of the selection. That’s why, the show that will announce this year Bitef on September 22 its Prologue is a Quizula! by famous British theatre troupe Forsd Enterteinment founded in 1984 in Sheffield. Leaded by artist and writer Tim Ecels, the troupe explores and often exposes the genre, narrative, and the theater conventions, drawing inspiration not only in drama, but also in dance, performing arts, musical clutter and popular forms such as cabaret and standup comedy. Among other things, they are also known as one of the kindred theatres of the kind of theater known as “durational theater”.


Photo: Hugo Glendinning 

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