Radojka Bošković, Client Service Director, McCann Belgrade: Communication gives meaning to both brands and people

We always try to reconcile brands in relation to their primary goals and certain other needs that are of wider social significance.

“Normalcy couldn’t care less about time. It is the result of adequate readiness at a given moment. Under the watchful eye and using a quality source of information, we are constantly learning how to be flexible and benefit the business goals of our clients.”

Radojka Bošković, Client Service Director, McCann Belgrade


How ready is the market for all the new situations and circumstances we are currently facing, and how ready are all of us who work in that market?

Depending on the industry and the stability of the organization at the time, Covid-19 has had mild symptoms for some market stakeholders, while in others, it exacerbated the already nurtured systemic instability and caused more severe consequences.

Some categories simply had no choice and, due to the nature of their business, and remained on the defensive, without any tactics to mitigate the attack. In order to maintain positive business results, some have resorted to much more radical measures. It seems to me that the way out is on the side of those who did not have to weigh out in the short term, but in the reflection of their stability, have been looking for more efficient ways to overcome another crisis, whichever name it goes by.

What does managing customer expectations look like in the so-called new normal?

By nurturing consistent performance and using our strongest weapon – strong resources and expertise, on the one hand, and years of trust we have built up, on the other – we have managed to respond to the challenge at every stage of this unplanned period and further strengthen relationships with our clients.

The crisis has put us in sixth gear, although the limits for some other everyday challenges are not respected in our industry anyway. Certain new solutions were rapidly imposed, which we adopted even faster, only to later become the creators of these solutions ourselves with the view of having more efficient formats.

“The strategic commitment of our teams will certainly provide an answer to that, so some new services will primarily be reflected through the Digital and BTL service”

The imposed distance remained only in the physical realm, but the things that had built ties of our successful partnerships were additionally fortified during this period. First and foremost, we have remained stable, responsible and proactive, and only from such a position, we can provide appropriate support for our clients and their expectations.

The McCann Agency has always gone beyond in terms of social events in our country. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to cooperation with various stakeholders such as NGOs, associations and the like?

We closely monitor and use every opportunity to boldly react to social novelties. It is courage that hides the biggest challenge.

As someone who deals with communications, we have never limited ourselves to the mere execution of project tasks. We always strive for brands to reconcile some other needs that are of wider social significance concerning their primary goals. At the end of the day, this kind of communication gives meaning to both brands and people.

In that field, by provoking important social topics, we have implemented a lot of successful campaigns that have managed not only to raise awareness but also to change things. It sometimes takes a long time to achieve the desired changes in society, but these are only obstacles that additionally motivate perseverance.

Our successful cooperation with Društvo Ponosa (The Pride Society), regarding gender equality and same-sex relationships, is now in its fourth consecutive year. We were the first on the market to appear publicly and cover this topic. We provided support and by devising campaigns and nurturing continuous communication, we raised some important issues, while, at the same time, inspiring and empowering members of the LGBT+ community to be what they truly are. Then, there is a partnership with the organization LICE ULICE, which supports people who live on the margins of our society and find it very difficult to get a job. Our support for culture and social activism is reflected in long partnerships with Bitef, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the Exit Foundation and many others.

What will be the biggest challenges next year, and is McCann preparing to launch new services?

Next year could be a year of additional capacity reviews and (re)positioning or consolidation of positions. Faced with digitalization in all its glory and technological innovations, the biggest challenge could also lie in reconciling them with solutions that are traditionally rooted. The strategic commitment of our teams will certainly provide an answer to that, so some new services will primarily be reflected through the Digital and BTL service.

The challenge of perseverance in relation to this one-of-a-kind period in our lives continues. I hope that we will close that chapter as soon as possible and encourage communication next year in the direction of some other, more relevant but also positive topics.

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