Raiffeisen banka leads the digital revolution in loan approval and account opening with video identification  


„iKeš“ loan on client’s account in 30 minutes, no need to visit the bank or to transfer salary

  Raiffeisen banka enabled all its clients, but also those who are not, to complete the whole process of submitting a loan request and obtaining the cash loan funds on their account, in only 30 minutes. The „iKeš“ loan is an absolute novelty in the Serbian banking market, but also in our region. Just how revolutionary this is, is shown in the fact that the Serbian bank was the first to introduce such a modern banking service in the entire Raiffeisen Group!

Online request submission is not a novelty of itself and Raiffeisen banka has been offering it for several years already. However, this service went way further, because citizens now do not need to visit a branch office at any moment, nor do they need to be clients of Raiffeisen banka, and they can send all the necessary documents via the application. Identification is performed through a short video-call with the bank’s staff, which is becoming a standard in Western Europe, while in our country it is being implemented for the first time thanks to the new regulation introduced recently by the National Bank of Serbia, precisely according to the practice in these countries.

The whole process is completed with an advanced electronic signature in a very brief time: depending on the person’s skill in managing electronic devices, as well as in showing the necessary documents – the reply on an approved loan is received within 15 minutes and the money can be on the client’s account in less than half an hour!

We have been responsive to our clients’ needs and have always been adjusting our offer accordingly. What we know for certain is that contemporary people do not have time to visit the bank’s branch offices several times and to wait for days for the required money. This way we have responded precisely to those needs – our clients or those who will be our clients in the future, are able to obtain a cash loan in a very short time, without submitting a single paper in the branch office at the time and place that suits them most“, said Petar Jovanović, Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board.

The „iKeš“ loan without the need to visit the bank is available in the amount of up to RSD 600,000, with a maximum repayment period of up to five years and a fixed interest rate during the whole repayment period. Salary transfer to Raiffeisen banka is not obligatory.

More information regarding how to submit the request and regarding loan approval can be found at: www.ikeš.rs, as well as by calling the Contact Center at phone No. 011/3202-100.


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