Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika a.d. Belgrade: Transformation into a Future-oriented Company

Galenika has transformed and, from a tradition-based company, it has managed to switch to a future-oriented, mission-led pharmaceutical company with an innovative mindset.

Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika, spoke in an interview for D&C magazine about the changes in cthe ompany, innovations, results and goals for this year, as well as about CSR.

Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika a.d. Belgrade

The last two years have been very dynamic for Galenika. In which segments of your business did you record positive changes?

The trust that people have in Galenika and its quality is something that inspires us every day. In order to maintain and even grow this trust, we have invested in new production and business standards, our employees, portfolio growth, environmental protection and sustainability, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 with Smart Manufacturing and IoT in production, as well as corporate relations and product campaigns. Examples are many, but I would like to highlight the Businesss Intelligence & Advanced Analytics platform which has been launched to help the company obtain information for faster and better strategic and operational decisions. As you can see, the last two years were marked with changes and progress.

Are you satisfied with the results that the company achieved in 2020, given the crisis caused by the pandemic and the slowdown in economic activity in all sectors?

True mentality of winners is seen in the time of adversity, and 2020 was exactly that. Galenika has recorded constant growth in all segments of its business as a direct result of the extraordinary team work and efforts.  In Serbia, the company increased its sales by 19% compared to 2019. Also, over 2020, Galenika grew over 50% faster than the market, which additionally solidified our stable second position on the Serbian pharmaceutical market. We are in process of opening 6 new export markets, while Galenika is already actively present in 10 markets in the EU, Middle East and Africa, where it increased sales by 68%. I have seen nothing but dedication and exceptional work morale last year and I am proud of all the team members.

Are innovations possible in our market and does Serbia have the prerequisites for that?

I have to reflect on the challenges that the economies all over the world are facing. The pandemic is not just a health crisis, it is also a socio-economic  adversity, which we have so far combated in a strong and dedicated manner thanks to the innovations we have been introducing and the team strength.

Opportunities for innovations are possible in many spheres and in Galenika, we have a high level of awareness and courage to embrace them. For instance, we have 22 new products in process of registration.

Galenika is now more vibrant and future-oriented than ever before. That is why prevention topic is high on our agenda. Innovation also proves our mission. Our online platform, “Hello Twenties”, is a special socially responsible project of national importance which aims to educate young people about healthy living habits.

Finally, Galenika has recognized the importance of and hence supported the exhibition “Love is Love by Jean Paul Gaultier” staged by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, which in these challenging times, provides people with responsible and safe consumption of culture and global trends. In this way, and as a true LOVE brand of Serbia, Galenika highlights one of the most important values not only in the pandemic, but at all times.

Which development opportunities does Galenika have and what are the plans for this year and the next period?

Safety of employees and stable supply of products remains our number one priority. Strategically speaking, we are focused on innovating the company and its portfolio for the benefit of the consumers and the market.

I want to see Galenika grow even bigger, with the same trust and quality as the basis. In the first half of 2021, we expect to launch four new products on the market. Galenika’s Research and Development Institute is in the final phase of developing two new products, while as a result of the strategic partnership with our sister company from Brazil – EMS, we are working on technology transfer of several products from the new generation of generic drugs.

Our goal is to generate value and fuel positive changes through investments, innovations and support all stakeholders. On that path, we need to be flexible, highly focused and ready to recognize opportunities, even in the jungle of adversity.

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