Robert Čoban and Katarina Radivojević new Qyintessentially ambassadors

President of the Color Press Group, Robert Čoban and our famous actress Katarina Radivojević became the ambassadors of the “Qyintessentially Adriatic Company”, and the ambassador cards were handed over to them by Katarina Larisa Ham, executive director of the company.

Larisa Ham said at the ceremony at restaurant “Moison Boho” that Qyintessentially Adriatic company is part of the London branch of the most prestigious luxury concierge in the world.

With an international network of over 60 global offices, with 1,500 Life Style managers and experts, who together speak 35 languages ​​and are available to their members every day during the year, we are actually promoting luxury hotels, spa centers … a luxurious way of life. Qyintessentially also has its VIP ambassadors all over the world, people who, by their work, portray others, people who are an open, cosmopolitan spirit, and people with whom we share the same values ​​and code of ethics, Larissa Ham.

She added that the company that leads the world as ambassadors is Gwyneth Paltrow, En Hatvey, Djordjo Armani, Sharon Stone …

We have five huts around the world: London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. People who want to have a passion for top designer magazines or intend to spend a day with Mark Cuckenberg should contact us and we will make sure that their wishes are fulfilled, Ham said.

According to her, the company from Serbia so far represented Roksanda Ilinčić and former basketball player Dejan Bodiroga.

Now we have chosen the personality that their lifestyles support the values ​​advocated by the company I lead. These are energetic professionals who see the whole world as their home, Larissa Ham said.

Our famous actress Katarina Radivojević noted that she was very pleased to be the ambassador of the “Qyintessentially Adriatic Company”.

I am pleased to be able to use the company card in the cities where I often stay, Radivojevic said.

Robert Coban said that he once had some sort of aversion to the services of similar companies, as this is not part of his lifestyle.

After that, I was a bit more informed about the “Qyintessentially Adriatic Company” and realized that their services did not specifically imply any near-story framework of the story. Every one of us who works in the media or engages in public work would like to have the opportunity to visit the important world events that Larissa Ham was talking about, Coban said.

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