Round off the receipt, prolong a life

By rounding off the amount on their shop receipts, people in Serbia are supporting premature babies

January 4, 2021 – 65,000 children are born in Serbia every year, of which 4,000 are premature babies, and as many as seven require intensive care every day. In order to provide babies who come into this world with the best conditions at the start of their life, UNICEF has launched a campaign called ‘So small it fits in the heart’ aimed at modernizing neonatal units in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac.

Thanks to the partnership with Delhaize Serbia, shoppers were given the opportunity to support and get involved in the campaign for the little heroes. People who shop in Maxi, Mega Maxi, Tempo and Shop & Go stores throughout Serbia can now round off the amount on their shopping receipt to the amount they want, and thus donate funds for the equipment and modernization of neonatal units.

The Health Ministry has also given its support to the ‘So small it fits in the heart’ campaign.

“We would like to thank Delhaize Serbia, which recognized the importance of providing funds and supporting premature babies who are bravely fighting to survive and continue their development. We want to create the best possible conditions for every premature baby to live to see their first week of life, start smiling in the first month of life, celebrate the first birthday and embark on the most precious period of life – childhood. Shoppers at Delhaize Serbia retail chain will help us to ensure additional support to babies and parents, not only during their stay in the hospital, but also after returning home. It is then that they need the biggest help from the experts so the baby can develop and progress well,” said Vesna Savić Đukić, head of the Department for Cooperation with the Private Sector at UNICEF Serbia.

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