Safe while skiing with AMS Osiguranje

Are you counting down the days until your departure for the winter holidays abroad, where you will at least briefly forget about all the problems and enjoy the ski slope? No matter how skilled of a skier you are, the risk of skiing-related injuries is high and it is, therefore, good to think ahead. Insure yourself from numerous accidents, protect yourself from unwanted financial losses and enjoy a stress-free vacation.

At AMS Osiguranje you can purchase a travel health insurance policy and thus protect yourself from exceptionally expensive medical costs abroad by letting us pay for them. Whether you need urgent medical intervention, medication or medical aids, or any of other numerous medical services, all you need to is report the insured case by calling the number on your insurance policy, and we’ll take over, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your policy.

AMS Osiguranje is the right choice for you. You can purchase your health insurance policy fast, secure and easy online on our website. In doing so, you will also make significant financial savings, because when you purchase a travel health insurance policy in this way, you are entitled to a discount of up to 30%, only during the promotional period, Thus, the insurance premium for an individual policy that covers seven days of skiing in Europe, discount included, will cost you only 1,102 dinars. The savings are great, especially if you take your family skiing too since the premium, in this case, is only 2,425 dinars for the same period.

To be able to fully enjoy your vacation, don’t take the worry about your home you are leaving behind consume you while away and wonder whether something happened to it while you are on your vacation. On our website, you can insure your apartment or house from numerous risks such as fire, water spills, robbery, bad weather or burglary, in accordance with the terms of the insurance. And if you choose to insure things in your home with your homeowner’s insurance policy, AMS Osiguranje will give you an additional 10 per cent discount on the entire amount of your insurance premium.

All you have to do is take a few minutes and from the comfort of your home, in just a few steps, purchase your travel health insurance and leave for your vacation worry-free. Detailed instructions for the online purchase of a travel health insurance policy can be found at Or call 0800-009-009 for more information.

AMS Insurance wishes you bon voyage and a carefree holiday!

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