Santa Claus in “Our village”

For the first time in the villages of Mala Jasikova and Dubočane, a New Year celebration for children was organized. The “Naše selo” project, which Delta Holding has implemented in these villages, continued with the theater performance and the distribution of packages.

In the Culture Center in Mala Jasikova National Theater “Zoran Radmilović” from Zaječar, he performed the play “New Year’s Eve of the Lila Witcher”. After the show, New Year’s parcels were distributed to seventy-nine children from two Zajecar villages. Packages were prepared by employees in Delta Holding, who traditionally, in the action called “Santa Claus Assistants”, are preparing New Year presents for selected groups of children.

New Year’s celebration is part of the project “Naše selo”, which aims to modernize agricultural production in two Zaječar villages, but also to raise the level of social and cultural life in them. The project “Naše selo” started with education about modern agricultural production. The villagers of Mala Jasikova and Dubocana first visited Deltina’s estates in Celarevo and Stara Pazova, and this week the first lecture was held in Mala Jasikova.

The project “Naše selo” will be continued by further education of interested locals on modern agricultural production, funding opportunities and incentives for incentives and other important issues. The development of individual development plans for all registered households is ongoing in order to prepare these manufacturers ready spring work season.

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