Serbian cheese at a French fair

The first thing that comes to mind when we say cheese is France. Hence, it comes as no surprise that, every year, France hosts one of the most important international dairy fairs.

This year, a total of different kinds of cheese were served at the International Fair of Sauer Mondial du Fromage, from 20 different countries, including from Serbia. Our Mlekoprodukt, which operates under Savencia Fromage & Dairy Group, presented two of its cheeses– Biser Selekt, hard cheese made from cow’s milk, and Mlekoprodukt hard cheese made from sheep’s milk. The International Cheese Makers Association, which accepted Mlekoprodukt as its member in January this year, exhibited the Selekta cheese on its stand, thus recognizing Serbia as a renowned cheese maker. The Association’s President, Roland Barthélemy, pointed out that Biser Selekt, the pressed cheese with prolonged maturation, was a good example of how Serbian cheese evolved from classical traditional production. Mlekoprodukt’s Bojana Momčilov, who was one of the 135 jurors who picked the winner in the best cheese category at the Fair, said that Mlekoprodukt had gladly accepted the invitation from the Fair’s organizers and added:” The very fact that the quality of our cheeses qualified us for the competition, where we competed against the best world cheese makers, is a huge recognition.”


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