Serbian cheese at the international cheese fair in France

At the International Fair of Sauer Mondial du Fromage, held this week at the Tour in France, Ginis’s record with the largest plateau of 161-meter-long cheese is marked. It contains three tons of cheese from 20 different countries, the only representative of Serbia is Mlekoprodukt, a part of the Savencia Fromage & Dairi Group, with semisolid Pearl Selekt from cow milk and the same-named hard cheese from sheep’s milk. About 1,000 visitors had the opportunity to, during the three days of the fair, tasting 952 cheeses.

World competition for the best cheese was held at the fair, in cooperation with the “International Corn Association”. Member of the jury, consisting of 135 judges, was Bojana Momčilov in front of company Mlekoprodukt.

“When tasting and evaluating we met some of the most specific aromas of cheese from Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Israel and many other countries. This is the biggest advantage of this fair, because it represents the place of meeting the biggest professionals in this field of the dairy industry, as well as the opportunity to exchange information on innovations in the cheese market, “said Bojana Momčilov, adding:
“We were pleased to respond to the invitation of the organizer. Although the prize is awarded to the fair, the very fact that the quality of our qualified players for the competition, on which manufacturers from around the world took part, is a great recognition.

During the fair, a traditional session of the International Cheese Association was held, which is a member of Serbia since January this year. His President, Rolan Bartelemy, says that the invitation is for our country to participate in the activities that the association is implementing in this partnership.

“I was in Serbia on several occasions, tried Serbian cheeses and I think that they are among the reputable producers we had the opportunity to meet at this year’s fair. The goal of the gilda is to promote a culture of cheese and cheese consumption, and this is just one of the activities that we are implementing in this mission, “Bartelemi said.

Mondial Du Fromage is the only fair in France dedicated exclusively to cheese and dairy products that attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

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