Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic at College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija, Greek`s gift made her smile

On the 4th f April College of Applied Health Sciences in Cuprija welcomed the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic at their Students` Day Solemn Academy. The ceremony was also attended by a number of State Secretaries, MPs and other representatives of state institutions.

After the ceremonial opening of the pharmaceutical block, multimedia classrooms, computer laboratories and the server room the Prime Minister and the director of the College of Applied Health Sciences in Cuprija, PhD Christos Alexopoulos addressed the gathered guests and students.

The director announced future plans, stressing that by reducing tuition fees for socially vulnerable families and families with three or more children the school has recently become a socially responsible institution.

He said that this year at the initiative of the Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, the school would sign a contract on freeing the tuition fees for the children of the fallen soldiers of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the children of employees.

The school also decided to help families with four children by providing the fourth child with free education in the coming school year. School fees will also be reduced by 20% for families with three children. `This will be our modest contribution to the rise in birth rate. It is a moment that such measures are taken by other state and private institutions because without children there is no future. ‘said Mr Alexopoulos.

After the speech, the Director presented a gift to the Prime Minister, her portrait by the academic painter Srecko Zdravkovic. For such a gesture, the Prime Minister did not remain indifferent. With a smile, she addressed the students and congratulated the Students’ Day. She said that the Government invests a lot in health care, as well as in the strengthening of domestic enterprises, stating that the priorities of the Government of Serbia are the construction of a knowledge-based society and the improvement of the health care system of Serbia.

As she stated, after the Clinical Center Nis was completed, a reconstruction of the Belgrade KC should start in May, and improvements are also planned in the clinical centers of Vojvodina and Kragujevac.

The reconstruction and equipping of seven clinics, including Tirsova and the construction of Tirsova 2, are under way, the Prime Minister said.

“Because of all this, we need to have young medical personnel and new generations of doctors, as well as health workers in general, nurses and technicians. That’s why schools like College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija are important” she said.

She added that the state will work to improve infrastructure conditions, as well as to purchase equipment and provide adequate salaries. “We need to keep our young medical staff in Serbia,” Brnabic said.

The school also promoted their expert-informative journal Medical Worker and the free IT literacy program for citizens.

Within the celebration of the Students Day, several accompanying cultural and humanitarian manifestations were organized. The Student humanitarian bazaar collected funds for the home for serious and severely ill persons under development within the Monastery of St. Petka in Izvor, near Paraćin.

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