SINIŠA KOVAČEVIĆ, Serbian playwright and professor at the Academy of Arts: ONLY FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS ARE ACCEPTABLE

This time around we have also asked the representatives of the authorities, diplomatic corps, international institutions, business associations, media and many others to express their views on the possible re-arrangement of power in the world, the European and regional political scene, the influences on Serbia’s accession to the EU, economic development, investments in culture, and as an inevitable question this year, elections which are taking place in many countries, including Serbia. We talked to SINIŠA KOVAČEVIĆ, Serbian playwright and professor at the Academy of Arts

Serbia is facing another election year, with certain political parties announcing an election boycott. How good or bad can that be? Can it change the current situation?

I belong to the group of people that has been advocating the boycott since day one. Not going to the polls is the way to have normal, free and democratic elections. The current situation does not reflect the will of the people, while the results are subjected to extortion and coercion, threats, media abuse and the cult of personality. If someone binds your feet and puts a sack of rocks on your back, proclaiming you a thief and a doping fraudster, why would you run in the race?! Free and fair elections with equal access to the media space, especially

television with national coverage, are certainly acceptable.

In the light of the latest turbulences in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, as well as the elections in Kosovo and Croatia, what are the region’s prospects?

There are two conditions for the situation in the ex-Yugoslavia to calm down. The first is to remove from the power all the leaders involved in the breakup of the former state, and the second is to stop adding fuel to the fire and for them to get out of here. The first condition is possible.

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