Societe Generale premiere – new debit cards and enhanced product and service packages

Societe General bank offers its current and future clients enhanced set of products and services which include three new Debit Mastercard contactless cards – standard, Gold and Platinum.

New contactless payment cards – Debit Mastercard, Debit Mastercard Gold and Debit Mastercard Platinum enable ATM cash withdrawal and payment of goods and services both in the country and abroad, as well as on the internet, in a fast, simple and secure way with numerous benefits such as discounts within SoGe world programme, individual and family travel insurance for Platinum cardholders, as well as discounts within Mastercard Premium programme in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina for Gold and Platinum cardholders.

The introduction of these three new cards is also a premiere of Mastercard contactless technology in Societe Generale bank. Mastercard contactless payments are made in a fast and secure way by tapping the card against the contactless reader.

These modern payments are based on chip technology thanks to which, there is a unique code for each transaction which cannot be used for any other transaction. The fact that the card never leaves the user’s hands during the transaction is another layer of security.

For the amounts up to RSD 1,500 it is not necessary to enter PIN code which makes contactless cards ideal for busy merchant locations such as supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations etc.

Societe Generale is the only bank in Serbia that enables clients to define themselves the amount of maintenance fee for their package. Simply, the more payments are made with debit card, the higher the discounts on monthly maintenance fee, and packages can even come completely free of charge in cases when certain amounts are reached.

In order to become the user of the cutting-edge Debit Mastercard contactless cards from Societe Generale bank, it is necessary to submit a request for opening a current account in any of our 93 branch offices across Serbia. If you are already a client of Societe Generale bank, contact your personal banker for more details about receiving a new card.

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