Speed ​​up your business: HPE Conference Bridge to Enterprise

The company Hewlett Packard Enterprise is aware that in today’s hyper-connected world, the opportunities appear very quickly and disappear even faster.


The winners in this world will be companies regardless of their size which can accept and realise good ideas and deliver value faster and better than their competitors. Today’s IT infrastructure is too static, and changes require complex and time-consuming procedure, which makes them difficult to implement.

In today’s economy, the idea of ​​infrastructure must be a mechanism in the service of creating value, not a bottleneck on the way to success. What worked in the past will not necessarily work today, because IT must be able to support two work environments: traditional applications designed to support and automate existing processes such as collaboration, data processing, analysis, supply chain and the web infrastructure, but also a new generation of applications that generate income and provide a new experience for users taking advantage of mobility, large amounts of data (Big data) and technologies in the “cloud”.

To be successful in the economics of ideas, companies must accelerate their business. How fast IT can experiment, learn, adapt existing systems and transforms ideas into value – is more important than ever.

We at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise provide to our customers not only a chance to survive but to grow and develop ideas in economics, architecture and we are offering them tools that will accelerate their business.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has defined four areas that are transformational for its vision of the direction in which the market is moving and conditions that organisations must fulfill in order to be successful. These four areas are located in the heart of the solution that Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers to its customers, and shall be based upon supreme lectures, which you will be able to hear at the conference HPE 360:

1. Transformation of the hybrid infrastructure.
What is required is current and continuous creation of new value. HPE helps organisations to build solutions in the “cloud” that grow with their infrastructure.

2. Protection of digital data.
Security is all one of the biggest concerns. HPE provides tools that help organisations to detect threats, protect their data and react to incidents and risks of any kind.

3. Strengthening the organisation based on the data.
HPE is orientated to the good and affordable “open-source” solutions that enable organisations to take 100% advantage of their data in order to create analytical insights in real time, based on which it is possible to make the relevant decisions.

4. Enable productivity.
HPE helps organisations create a productive work environment that enables rapid conversion of the old processes and tools in the mobile and is flexible enough to adapt to changes in how the company’s business scope of change.

At the conference Bridge to Enterprise which will be held in Belgrade on 21 September under  the motto Accelerating forward, we will explain how solutions and services that we offer can accelerate businesses in various sectors, regardless of their size and development degree of the company and help them to be in front of the cpmpetition in the new Idea Economy.

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