Spring Part of the Season in Belgrade

Musicology Barcaffè Sessions concert series will continue the successful season number 3 with the performance of maestro on bass, the American funk diva, singer and protégé of the legendary Price, Nik West. She will perform on March 26th, at the Bitefartcafe club. Explosive stage presence isn’t enough to describe the way Nik West moves, wows, and shocks crowds everywhere. With credits that include work with artists such as, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, Prince, John Mayer, Glee and more, bassist, singer and songwriter Nik West is anything more than just another pretty face.

Where does this interview find you? Is there music playing in the background?

— I’m actually on a plane leaving Amsterdam heading back home. The music playing in the background is a rotation of new mixes for my new album. I’m critiquing and sending notes.

It is your first time in Serbia’s capital, but you have already performed in Serbia. What were your impressions about your fans here and audience in general?

— Yes! My first time in Serbia was so welcoming! I love that Serbia loves good live music. The audience was full of life and full of love! I can’t wait to come back and feel that!

What can we expect from your set at Musicology Barcaffe Sessions, Belgrade?

— Some old school and definitely some new school! Some funk, some rock, some soul. You’ll feel lots of energy coming from us on stage and you’ll get to know me more intimately this time.

You almost gave up a career in music at the age 18 when a guy said that you ‘sucked’, what made you pick up the bass again?

— Ironically, it was a guy that made me pick up the bass again haha! It was a boy I liked! I was modeling on runways and he said that I can do so much more by using my music talents as well. So I got inspired and dusted off my bass.

You worked very closely with Prince, how were you introduced?

— He randomly called me around midnight the first week of Nov 2012! He may have gotten my number from John Blackwell or Hannah, who was one of the 3rdEyeGirl members. I’m still not sure how it fully happened.

We know this is a common question, but we are sure you understand, because you worked with this legend. How was it working with Prince?

— He was full of surprises and you just went with it. Some days, he want to jam all day and some days, he’d just listen to us rehearse from afar. He knew exactly how he wanted something to sound but I think having a lot of Millennials around inspired him as well. We were all a little crazy in our own ways. He expected excellence but still allowed me to be me. He knew I was an artist and respected me as such… and THAT is why I love him so much.

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician? Was there a time where you thought of doing something completely different?

— I never wanted to be a musician. I wanted to be an engineer or high school math teacher. I didn’t want to be broke or a starving artist but I saw positive things that kept happening for me in each step I took that made me feel like music is where I should be.

You are famous for your energetic performances. Does that come naturally to you?

— Definitely comes naturally for me. At first, I was very withdrawn from showing energy onstage because I never saw bassists going crazy on stage besides Verdine White (Earth Wind and Fire). But my sister told me that I needed to take all that I am in real life and put it on the stage. In real life, I am wild, highly energetic and the life of the party. So I took her advice!

Do you have a message for your fans in Belgrade?

— I can’t wait to see you… and make sure you come with lots of energy because we are gonna dance together and laugh together!

Tickets for this concert are available through Tickets.rs (formerly Eventim) and DDtickets.rs services.

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