This time around we have also asked the representatives of the authorities, diplomatic corps, international institutions, business associations, media and many others to express their views on the possible re-arrangement of power in the world, the European and regional political scene, the influences on Serbia’s accession to the EU, economic development, investments in culture, and as an inevitable question this year, elections which are taking place in many countries, including Serbia. We talked to SRDJAN GOJKOVIĆ GILE, Musician, signer of Električni Orgazam

In the light of Serbia’s accession to the EU, it seems that the development of culture and the arts is overshadowed by other segments of society. What do you think are the key problems that we need to solve in order to reach the European level?

It is definitely overshadowed and the culture is neglected as an art in general. I think that the key problem lies in the fact that investments are made solely into things that generate profit and material benefits. People in high places, who are also decision-makers when it comes to investing in arts and culture, have a limited understanding and don’t see a big picture, i.e. the importance of investing into something that would lead to the spiritual development of our nation in the long run.

How important is the exchange of cultural and artistic content not only in the region but also more broadly and what has been your experience in this matter so far?

The exchange of cultural and artistic content is essential. Categories such as art and cultural assets know no boundaries and transcend nationality. This is actually a special kind of communication that is necessary and useful to everyone, both those who present something and those who are recipients of that content. My experiences are such that whenever I performed outside my home country, there was always a higher quality. Very often, audiences in other countries are unburdened by certain local issues that are often a hindrance in the home field.

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