STUDENTS FROM SERBIA – AMBASSADORS OF SCIENCE: In cooperation with NASA, they flew to space even twice


The twelfth Festival of Science, which will be held from November 29th to December 2nd, will gather over 600 scientific communicators from the country and the world, and special attention is surely earned by young scientific geniuses, talented students of Serbia who will present their latest scientific inventions for visitors during the four days of the festival.

Thus, visitors to the Festival within Zone Experts, who for years back one of the most attractive festival zones, will be able to get acquainted with the experiments of young scientific communicators who will be officially handed honorary titles to the ambassadors of science due to the popularization of a new, inspirational and different view of science.

Science ambassadors, the best among children who are already working on plans to improve the Earth of the future, are students of thirty primary and secondary schools from all over Serbia. At the opening of the second festival day, on November 30 in Hall 3a of the Belgrade Fair, special awards will be given to them at the ceremonial proclamation of the first generation of ambassadors of science. On that occasion, each student will receive a sign of the ambassador of science, while their schools will receive diplomas to contribute to the popularization of science.

During the duration of the festival, ambassadors of science with their class communities will present their vision of the Earth of the Future through concrete, original solutions that could make our lives more quality and our planet more greener.

Zona Expert Engineers at this year’s science festival will showcase scientific inventions in the field of electronics, robotics and microcontroller programming, which were created by the students of the Mathematical Gymnasium from Belgrade for acquiring new knowledge. One of the most impressive projects involving students of this gymnasium is the Cubes in Space project, created in cooperation with NASA, which provided a unique opportunity for students of this gymnasium to send the experiment into the universe, even two times , racket and balloon. Thus, students successfully launched a 4x4cm cache of memory chips into space to test how cosmic radiation works on the memory used in everyday devices.

Visitors will be drawn into the world of robotics, programming and everything that makes up the world of future generations, through the education of elementary school, Stevan Sindjelic and the pupils of this school, who created various robots that make life easier for everyday life. Through simple home trips, students of the First Belgrade High School will show experiments dealing with the study of thermodynamics from the point of view of physics and chemistry.

Young physicists from the primary school “Sava Kerković” from Ljig will deal with renewable energy sources and discover how to produce electricity yourself using wind and water, how to warm the room and dry tea plants, how important it is to listen to nature and support ecology . We are already witnessing global warming, which is why year after year there is a growing number of forest fires in which there are rare and human casualties. High School “Sveti Sava” from Požega will present the model of an automated fire extinguishing system in the open, using robots and robotic vehicles. Within the Zone Expert Experts, students and pupils from elementary schools and gymnasiums from Tutin, Kragujevac, Ivanjica, Vlasotince and Leskovac will also be shown experiments.

However, the embassy mission continues after the festival, because these young people are ready to popularize science in their schools and local communities, inspire their peers and encourage their further development and education.

In this way, the science festival wants to further highlight and support positive examples from all over the country, all those genius minds that are just beginning to disperse. Being aware of the importance of peer education, the organizers of this initiative encourage young people to work with their peers to jointly solve the problems of their environment. Their contribution to the Earth of the future, with little help from science, will be immeasurable.

The general sponsor of the Science Festival for the sixth consecutive year is NIS, a company that relies on modern technologies and innovations every day in all business segments. For the tenth time in a row, the Friend of the event is mts ..

Support to the festival is the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the French Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Center for the Promotion of Science. The manifestation is co-organized by the Belgrade Fair

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