Sunoko’s Donation to Hospital in Sremska Mitrovica

Sunoko, a member of the MK Group, has donated funds to the General Hospital in the city of Sremska Mitrovica for procuring a database server and thus helped seamless functioning of this institution, which provides healthcare services to 350,000 residents of the region of Srem.

On the occasion, the MD of the company, Slobodan Košutić, has said that Sunoko is strategically focused on development of Vojvodina province regions where it operates through both its day-to-day operations and various CSR activities, and added: “With this donation, we aim to help Srem residents, including our colleagues from the production centre in Pećinci and their families, have modern healthcare institutions that provide adequate aid.”

The General Hospital Director, Živko Vrcelj, has thanked for the donation and underlined that the server is vital for further functioning of the institution and for communication with other levels of the healthcare system. “Sunoko’s support includes both enabling seamless day-day-day work of the hospital and establishing a good foundation for our next digital steps of joining the unified healthcare information system of the Republic of Serbia, which will further improve quality of services for our patients,” added Vrcelj.

Sunoko, which operates within the MK Group, has been a long-standing leader in sugar production, with more than 3 million dinars invested in the last three years in the local community development – from donations of computer equipment, to investments in the development of traffic infrastructure in Srem.

The MK Group is dedicated to improving conditions of diagnostics, treatment and care within our healthcare system. That is why it is one of the founders of the “Magnet for Love” Foundation, which launched an initiative for raising 400,000 euros for the procurement of complementary equipment for the Children’s Hospital in the city of Novi Sad. Another member of the MK Group, Carnex, provided 70,000 euros for constructing and equipping a C section operating room at the Maternity Ward of the General Hospital in the city of Vrbas.

In the last five years of operating, the MK Group has executed 500 CSR projects, donating a total of four million euros.


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